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Infused / Flavored Olive Oils

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Infused/Flavored Olive Oils

If you cannot get enough of Italy's liquid gold, you will love flavor infused olive oil. Flavored olive oil is an artisanal and delicious way to elevate any meal. Wondering where to buy flavored olive oil and flavored cooking oils? You have come to the right place. Shop at Supermarket Italy to sample the best flavor infused olive oil brands today! Read More

What can Flavored Olive Oil Bring to a Dish?

When it comes to cooking, never underestimate the power of a good olive oil. This healthy, fragrant, and delicious oil is beloved across many nations, with Italy itself included (this may be biased, but we think Italian extra virgin olive oil is some of the world’s finest).

As spectacular as pure olive oil can be, some occasions call for something a little more unique, such as one of our flavored cooking oils from our vast selection. They add a decadent, light, and distinct aroma and flavor to any dish, from risotto, to pizza, and salad without being too overpowering or poorly dispersed. Flavored oils can also be enjoyed on their own with a bit of crusty bread. Additionally,
Flavor infused olive oil is an affordable option for a chef who wants to use a pricey and luxurious ingredient, like truffles, without breaking the bank.

What are Some Types of Flavor Infused Olive Oil?

There are countless varieties of flavored olive oil to choose from, but we have developed a few favorites. Here are some of our bestselling flavored cooking oils:

If you’re looking to spruce up a serving of prawn risotto, pasta primavera, or spring pea soup, a drizzle of lemon or orange flavored olive oil will serve that purpose beautifully with powerful notes of floral and citrus. It also goes surprisingly well with a bit of vanilla ice cream— let the combo baffle your next dinner guests until they take a taste.

While you’re already impressing your dinner guests, you might as well put your bottle of orange olive oil to use as well. It makes the best salad dressings we’ve ever had—it pairs perfectly with hearty greens like kale or spinach. It also makes a great finishing touch for a plate of hot risotto or steamed vegetables.

Give your dishes a kick of spice with chili-infused olive oil, a delightful, red and spicy oil that can be drizzled atop anything you dream up, from pizza, focaccia, and pasta to grilled fish— you name it. It has even been added to cake batter as a secret ingredient!

Whether you toss it with roast potatoes and parmesan, drizzle it over a mushroom pizza, or finish off a serving of arancini with it, a bottle of truffle-flavored olive oil is sure to delight the palate. At Supermarket Italy, both white and black truffle versions are available, and both add a delicate, yet pungent flavor and aroma to any dish.

Where to Buy Flavored Olive Oil

At Supermarket Italy, we offer a vast selection of flavored olive oil brands in all the best varieties, from chili to white and black truffle. We give our clients the best prices possible for the highest quality ingredients imported from Italy, Europe, and around the world.

Have a look at our selection today! If you spend over $50, we will throw your shipping in for free. For orders over $100, we will take $10 off our order total.

When you include flavored cooking oils on your shopping list, you’ll be able to add a signature touch to all your favorite recipes.