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Primo Sale Cheese

At Supermarket Italy, we're excited to offer customers our Primo Sale, which features a line-up of deeply discounted products. Our gourmet online shop already features everyday low prices, but we sweeten the deal even more with a huge discount on Primo Sale cheese. Choose from the finest products, including Sicilian Pecorino, which is available in a range of flavors. Read More

Different Types of Primo Sale Cheese

Supermarket Italy’s selection of primo sale cheese includes premium made in Italy products such as Sicilian Pecorino Bianco by Sfizioso, a popular alternative to Parmesan. This semi-hard cheese is produced in Sicily from sheep's milk, which gives it a distinctively sharp and creamy flavor. Its crumbly and dense texture makes it excellent for grating over pasta, bread, casseroles, and more.

Another popular variety of Italian primo sale cheese is Sicilian Pecorino Pepato, which is seasoned with black pepper. It has a similar flavor profile compared to Bianca but with hints of smokiness, which gives it an extra kick when used as a garnish for pasta, pizza, and many other dishes.

For a spicy flavored Pecorino, our Primo Sale cheese is also available with red pepper seasonings. The heat of the red peppers helps to enhance the creamy and sharp flavor of this semi-hard cheese from Sicily. When used as a grating cheese, the spiciness also brings all the other ingredients to life, from meat and vegetables to pasta and risotto, and much more.

Olive lovers rejoice! At Supermarket Italy, our Italian Primo Sale cheese also includes Pecorino flavored with olives from Sicily. Enjoy its salty, pungent, and milky characteristics with added pops of flavor from the olives. For a cheese plate with lots of variety, Pecorino with olives, plus other types of Italian cheese, can be cut into cubes and eaten along with fruit and a selection of your favorite cured meats.

If you can't decide which type of Primo Sale cheese to buy, our gourmet sampler box includes 6 pieces of fresh gourmet cheese, which allows you to sample a range of Supermarket Italy's bestselling products. Perfect as a gift or special treat for yourself, this collection of Italian Primo Sale cheese includes fresh mozzarella in the Neapolitan style, Caciocavallo, Basket cheese, Ricotta and Panna, and two handmade balls of Burrata, which is made from Italian cream.

To serve an upscale antipasto platter, simply cut each type of cheese and place artfully on a rustic wooden serving board or decorative tray. Fresh grapes, strawberries, cured meats, and tasty table bites like Castelvetrano olives help round out the flavors, which range from sweet and tangy to salty and savory.

Where to Buy Italian Primo Sale Cheese

Shop at Supermarket Italy today and find the best Italian Primo Sale cheese, an affordable way to level up your cooking with the finest made in Italy products. When you buy Primo Sale cheese online, you can enjoy the convenience of premium imports delivered straight to your door.