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Provolone / Provola

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What is Provola & Provolone cheese?

A crowning achievement from Southern Italy, Provola and Italian Provolone are semi-hard cheeses that are made from cow’s milk then aged for several months, depending on the variety. Provola is the smaller version of Provolone cheese, and falls into the pasta filata category of Italian stretched curd. This time-honored production technique involves kneading the curd while it is still hot. Next, it is bathed in brine, covered in a wax rind, and then hung with a rope in an aging cellar. Read More

Provolone cheese comes in two varieties: Dolce and Piccante. The most popular is Dolce, which gets its characteristic flavor from calf rennet. It contains a special enzyme that causes the milk to separate into curds and whey. The cheese then gets shaped into a pair, cone, sausage, or other forms, and then is aged for two to three months. This variety of Italian Provolone has a smooth texture and a mild, creamy flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Provolone cheese Piccante has a more pungent flavor than the Dolce variety. The sharp and intense flavor comes from the enzymes in goat or lamb rennet, which give it a more complex flavor and drier texture. This type of Provolone cheese is aged for three to six months to produce its comparatively sharper and more robust flavor.

The history of Italian Provolone cheese

Italian provolone cheese first emerged in the late 1800’s in the Lombardy and Veneto regions of the Po River Valley. The name Provolone comes from the Neapolitan words ‘provo’ and ‘provola’, which means ‘globe-shaped,’ a reference to its original size and form.

Today, Provola and Provolone cheese are made in other countries such as the U.S., but authentic Italian provolone is still made in the northern regions of the country. In fact, Provolone cheese has been awarded the DOP label from the European Union, which ensures that traditional production methods and ingredients are used for quality and authenticity - the trademark of made-in-Italy products.

The different uses of Provolone cheese

The most popular type of Italian provolone is the Dolce variety, which has a wide range of uses in cooking. When you buy Provolone cheese from Supermarket Italy, you can add it to many types of savory recipes, from sandwiches and cheese plates to pasta and much more. Produced in Cremona, Italy, Auricchio Provolone is made from an ancient recipe that uses whole cow's milk. The result is a modern, versatile Provolone cheese that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Include it on an antipasto platter along with a selection of other Italian cheeses and cured meats. Provola and Provolone cheese can also add a milky and nutty flavor to your favorite sandwich. For instance, it tastes sublime when paired with popular Italian cured meats such as prosciutto and speck.

Auricchio also makes a Provolone cheese ball and rope, which gives you double the usual amount with its classic shape. This variety also comes in a salami-shaped tube, the perfect shape for slicing into flat circles. Place a few slices onto salad greens for a fresh and satisfying side dish or include it on a gourmet cheese plate with fruit and crackers.

For a variety of flavors, our Top Italian Gourmet Cheese Trio features our best-selling Provolone cheese, plus Locatelli Pecorino Romano and Sanniti Parmigiano-Reggiano. These versatile gourmet cheeses are excellent for grating or shaving onto savory dishes for a tasty, Italian style garnish. They can also be enjoyed alone as a tasting cheese paired with jam and other types of sweet sauces.

Where to buy Provolone cheese

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