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Provolone / Provola

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What is Provola & Provolone cheese?

A crowning achievement from Southern Italy, Provola and Italian Provolone are semi-hard cheeses that are made from cow’s milk. Provola is the smaller version of Provolone cheese, and falls into the pasta filata category of Italian stretched curd. This time-honored production technique involves kneading the curd while it is still hot. Next, it is bathed in brine, covered in a wax rind, and then hung with a rope in an aging cellar. Provolone cheese comes in two varieties: dolce and piccante.

The Different Uses of Provolone Cheese

The most popular type of Italian provolone is the dolce variety, whose mild flavor has a wide range of uses in cooking. Its milky, slightly nutty taste is versatile enough that it can star in everything from deli sandwiches to pasta to stuffed peppers. Try pairing sliced provolone cheese with popular Italian cured meats, such as prosciutto and speck. It is a fantastic Italian cheese for serving as-is and for melting.

Provolone Cheese at Supermarket Italy

Supermarket Italy offers a large collection of imported cheeses, including provolone cheese! Auricchio is one of the most popular brands of provolone, producing various shapes and presentations like Provolone Cheese Ball and Rope and Salami-Shaped Provolone Rope.