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What is Auricchio?

Known as one of the best producers of provolone cheese worldwide, Auricchio has been a family company for over 140 years. Founded with a top secret recipe in 1877, the Auricchio brand has become synonymous with artisan provolone cheese. The company continues to craft all of their charcuterie board cheeses with traditional, handmade methods, using the freshest ingredients Italy has to offer.

What kinds of products can I buy from Auricchio?

Auricchio’s trademark product is provolone cheese. Whether in wedges or traditional artisan shapes such as Auricchio Provolotini (Provolettina) Provolone Ball and Rope, the classic provolone will be sweet and mild with just a hint of nuttiness. For those who enjoy a kick, Auricchio Provolone Piccante is peppery and piquant. For an equally delicious non provolone cheese option, try Auricchio Tartufo Pecorino with Truffles or Auricchio Taleggio Dolce Wedges.

What can I make with Auricchio cheeses?

Slice provolone cheese and serve as a mild cheese on a charcuterie board alongside rich pecorino with truffles. Provolone cheese will be ideal for piling on Italian sub or melted in a grilled cheese sandwich.