Sanniti Capers Non-Pareille in Sea Salt, 28.2 oz

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These Capers Non-Pareille are simply preserved in sea salt

The briny flavor and texture of these Spanish Caper buds makes them ideal for spreads and sauces.

Serve on a charcuterie board with thinly sliced cured meats and rich cheeses.

Capers Non-Pareille are the smallest and most widely-used of all Sanniti's offerings. Translated from French, "non-pareille" means "without equal." These are the flower buds harvested from caper bushes in Spain before the caper berries can mature. Shortly after harvest, they are jarred in a brine made up of water and sea salt. Add to any Mediterranean dish, especially one consisting of poultry, pasta, or fish. This mediterranean cuisine always gives a burst of flavor, similar our green olives. You will not find these pea sized delights at your local grocery store!

Mix with cream cheese for an easy bagel spread. Dry with a paper towel and combine with lemon juice, olive oil, butter, and herbs for a zesty sauce. Or use as an essential ingredient in a classic chicken piccata recipe that's best enjoyed with a bottle of white wine.

Capers and sea salt. 

28.2 oz


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