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USA Capers / Caperberries

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What are capers?

A popular ingredient in Italian cuisine, capers are perfect for adding bright and tangy pops of flavor to many savory dishes. From pasta and sauces to bagels with cream cheese, capers pack a punch of flavor. Their sour and briny taste helps to balance rich and buttery foods like salmon, pasta in meat sauce, and so much more. The most famous capers come from Pantelleria, a small island off the coast of Sicily.

What are caperberries?

Caperberries are capers that have been left on the vine to mature more. The result is a larger, fleshier food that can be used in much the same way as capers.

What are capers used for?

Both capers and caperberries are ready to use straight out of the jar! Drain the brine and toss them into sauces, appetizers, or pasta for extra flavor. The most common Italian dishes to incorporate capers are chicken and fish piccata and pasta puttanesca. 

Where to buy capers

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find the best capers to buy from brands like Sanniti and Agostino Recca. Our online Italian grocery store also carries ready-made sauces with capers already mixed in, like those from Casarecci and Frantoi Cutrera.