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Casarecci Italian Sauces & Condiments

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Casarecci: Homemade in Calabria

The word casarecci means homemade in Italian, and that’s exactly how the Casarecci di Calabria brand aims to make all of their signature Calabrian tomato sauces, olive oil condiments, dried herbs, and hot chili pepper blends. Celebrating the region’s natural ingredients, Casarecci offers a taste of southern Italy that is rustic, authentic, and delicious. Everything about the brand, from the delicately painted packaging to the traditional flavor, evokes a home-style quality that even Nonna will approve of.   

What kinds of Casarecci products can I buy? 

Casarecci offers all the products you need to make a traditional Calabrian meal. Dried herb and spice blends such as Casarecci Viagro' Crushed Red Hot Chili Pepper Spices and Casarecci Hot Mix of Dried Spices for Garlic Pasta Sauce will import zesty Calabrian flavor to tomato sauces, pasta dishes, and roasted vegetables. They have a wide range of homemade pasta noodles, including Casarecci Pappardelle Pasta, perfect for matching with Casarecci Italian Tomato and Basil Sauce. As a finishing touch, Casarecci olive oils come in many flavors and styles, from sprayable Casarecci Rosemary Olive Oil Condiment to Casarecci Caprese Olive Oil Based Condiment.


What can I make with Cassareci?

With Casarecci di Calabria authentic Italian foods, you have endless cooking options. Their range of dried herbs and flavored salts can be used in daily meal preparation, mixed in salad dressings, sprinkled over roasted vegetables, or added to soups and stews. Give pasta dishes a Calabrian kick by stirring in hot chili peppers, great with a Casarecci brand tomato sauce or your favorite pasta sauce blend. Use their many flavored olive oil condiments and flavored salts to enhance a charcuterie board piled with bruschetta and Italian cheeses.