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Wild Hibiscus

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Wild Hibiscus

Wild Hibiscus: Eating with Elegance

Wild Hibiscus is a luxury brand in every way except price. Easily affordable yet extremely elegant, Wild Hibiscus makes the hibiscus flower a beautiful and edible centerpiece for gourmet dishes. Looking to impress? Plate your salads, desserts and more with these beautiful hibiscus flowers in syrup. 

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How should I eat Wild Hibiscus products?

Wild Hibiscus flower can be used as an eyecatching garnish or as part of gourmet food recipes. However, that doesn’t mean that you can only eat Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup with complex dishes. One simple appetizer you can make, for instance, is toasted baguette topped with warm brie cheese and hibiscus flower. 

When should I eat Wild Hibiscus products?

You can realistically eat them whenever you want, but the Wild Hibiscus brand prides itself on being a gorgeous gourmet option for special occasions, including weddings, holidays, or dinner with someone you really want to wow! Hosting a cocktail party or happy hour? Use Wild Hibiscus as an elevated cocktail garnish.

What else do they sell, and where can I buy?

Wild Hibiscus handles the hibiscus plant by hand to ensure the highest quality for their flowers in syrup, flower extracts, teas, and other products sourced from the hibiscus plant. Supermarket Italy sells a wide selection of Wild Hibiscus products, including Wild Hibiscus b’lure Butterfly Pea Flower Extract, Wild Hibiscus Heart-Tree Herbal Tea, and Wild Hibiscus Lotus Root in Hibiscus and Ginger Syrup.