Wild Hibiscus Whole Butterfly Pea Flowers, 12 oz

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Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers are great for tea and cocktails

Use these vibrant blue flowers to add color and flavor to your favorite hot and cold beverages.

Simply steep these dried flowers in water for a bright blue tea or cocktail mixer.

Wild Hibiscus' Whole Butterfly Pea Flowers are high in anthocyanin antioxidants. Use these magical, color-changing flowers to make butterfly pea flower tea blends, syrups, cocktails, mocktails, and other hot and cold beverages. Add a splash of lemon or lime juice to turn the blue color into a shade of purple or pink.

For baked and frozen dessert recipes, you can grind these butterfly pea flowers into a fine powder. Use them in powdered form to add color and a light, floral aroma to cakes, ice cream, custard, and gelato.

Butterfly pea flower

12 oz (340g)

Product of Australia

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