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Alps Sausage and Deli Meats

Since 1928, Alps has been producing sausage and other deli meats by hand. True crafters of artisan charcuterie meats, this family company based in New York continues to offer handmade sausages of the highest quality. You won’t regret making their delectable sliced meats part of your next charcuterie board!

What products does Alps sell? 

Alps brand is most famous for their handmade sausages. Try their Sweet Dry Sausage Links or, for the spice lovers, Hot Dry Sausage Links. Alps has delicious deli meats beyond sausages, too! Enjoy a sandwich layered with Sweet Sopressata or Sweet Coppa, cured pork shoulder with mild spices.  

What can I make with Alps charcuterie meats?

Alps products make the perfect addition to a charcuterie board. Soppresatta will pair nicely with creamy goat cheese, while the cured sausage accompanies a nutty, smokey gouda. Alps charcuterie meats can also make a wonderful, spiced addition to pastas, pizzas, and sandwiches. Sprinkle cured salami on a homemade pizza for extra zest, or try mixing with your favorite pasta dish.