Alps Sweet Sopressata, 11 lb. [Refrigerate after opening]

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Alps Sweet Soppressata is a delicate, handmade Italian-style meat

This Italian-style salami is a milder alternative to a spicy Soppressata.

Create a delectable charcuterie board with this cured meat, dried fruit, and goat cheese.

Alps Sweet Soppressata is made by hand and dried and cured by air. Made by Alps, a producer of sausage and deli meats, in New York since the 1920s, this type of dry salami originated in southern Italy. Italian meats never looked better, made in America!

Each Alps Sweet Soppressata has a natural casing and is delicately seasoned, making for a milder version of the Italian salami. Pair this artisan meat with goat cheese and red wine for a bold charcuterie platter. Or enjoy it as part of a pizza, next to Italian cheeses, or pasta recipe. Traditional Italian salami, made in America!




[Refrigerate after opening]

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