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What makes Flott tuna different?

Flott is an Italian brand of canned, jarred, and packaged fish (mainly tuna). What makes Flott tuna different is the fact that it is packaged in olive oil, unlike many other tuna brands that only use water. The olive oil gives greater flavor to the tuna fish. Flott is the preferred brand for tuna in oil across the board.

How should I eat Flott tuna?

However you like! Use Flott in any of your tuna recipes, including salads, sandwiches, and more! Flott tuna in oil can also be eaten straight out of the jar/can, just like any other packaged tuna fish. Even if you decide to drain the olive oil from the tuna, don’t waste it! This oil can still be used as cooking oil to add extra flavor to other Italian food recipes.

Where can I buy Flott products?

Supermarket Italy sells a massive amount of Flott brand food products. Buy a jar of Flott Tuna in Olive OilFlott Tuna in Olive Oil with Garlic, and even Flott Anchovy Paste with Olive Oil. Check the Supermarket Italy blog regularly for tuna recipes.