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Cafe Du Monde

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Café Du Monde Coffee

Made with a special blend of dark French roast and flavorful chicory, the root of the endive plant, Café Du Monde coffee has a distinctively nutty flavor with a hint of chocolate, and is recognized around the world for its unique taste. At the Original Cafe Du Monde in the iconic New Orleans French Market, Café Du Monde chicory coffee is served as a cafe au lait—half coffee and half warmed milk. Next time you visit the Big Easy, have breakfast like a local when you compliment your New Orleans coffee with a plate of freshly made beignets covered in powdered sugar. If you can’t make the trip, Supermarket Italy has everything you need for recreating an authentic Cafe Du Monde experience in the comfort of home.

The History of Café Du Monde and Chicory Coffee

Coffee was first brought to North America through the port of New Orleans in the mid 18th century courtesy of French settlers. When a civil war broke out in France, coffee and other essential foods became scarce, and the answer to the critical shortage was chicory root. One of the many French customs that the Acadians from Nova Scotia introduced to Louisiana, chicory comes from the root of the endive plant, a type of lettuce. It has a rich chocolate flavor that helps to soften the bitter edge of dark French roast coffee and remains the signature flavor of Cafe Du Monde coffee. As the popularity of chicory coffee spread throughout the region, Cafe Du Monde filled the need for a local New Orleans coffee shop by opening in 1862.

What are Cafe Du Monde’s Coffee Products?

Experience the flavors of New Orleans when you stock your pantry with Cafe Du Monde coffee, the java of choice for the Big Easy and beyond. If you’re looking for a convenient source for New Orleans coffee, Supermarket Italy features the full line of Cafe Du Monde products. A New Orleans classic, Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory is a luscious brew with rich, chocolate-infused flavors. For an intense, full-bodied cup of coffee, French Roast from Cafe Du Monde delivers a boldly flavored brew that is perfect for an early a.m. wake up call. To savor the chicory root flavor without caffeine, Cafe Du Monde Decaffeinated Coffee and Chicory delivers the same robust taste but without giving you the jitters.