Solera Winey Goat Cheese Wedge, 6 oz [Pack of 2]

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Winey Goat Milk Cheese is a mild cheese bathed in Wine

Create zesty dips with this creamy Spanish cheese, or spread it over freshly baked bread.

For a charcuterie board, pair with deli meats such as Italian salami or Spanish chorizo.

Made in Spain, Solera Winey Goat Cheese is a semi-soft cheese. Soaked in red wine, this gourmet cheese possesses a subtle, fruity flavor. In comparison to cow's milk and sheep's milk cheeses, goat cheese tastes more acidic. Coupled with its notes of red wine, this natural acidity makes this type of cheese ideal for adding complexity to salad dressings, spreads, and dips.

Use in place of cream cheese to create fresh goat cheese appetizers with a zesty aroma. Best enjoyed with a glass of white wine or a wheat beer, this gourmet goat cheese is wonderful on a charcuterie platter with prosciutto, salami, or Spanish chorizo. Or pair it with fruit and crackers on a cheese board.


Pasteurized goat's milk, salt rennet, cheese cultures, calcium chloride. Preserving agent: egg lysozyme. Natamycin applied to the inedible rind. Bathed in red wine.

Pack of 2 - 6 oz each

Product of Spain

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