Felicetti Spaghetti with Squid Ink, 17.6 oz

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This Squid Ink Spaghetti is ideal for savory recipes

Felicetti's Italian pastas are always made with pure water from the Alps and durum wheat flour.

Enjoy this squid ink pasta with any of your favorite sauces.

Founded in 1908, the Felicetti brand has been making authentic Italian pasta for over 100 years. Located at the base of the Dolomite Mountains in Northeastern Italy, the clean air and water of the region helps Felicetti prepare their delicious, artisan pasta noodles.

Give pasta night an extravagant twist with Felicetti Spaghetti with Squid Ink! Long, thin spaghetti noodles are dyed with squid ink. Black squid ink pasta tastes more savory than regular noodles. This is because the ink is high in an amino acid called glutamate, which gives food extra umami flavor.

Make a seafood pasta dish such as spaghetti alle vongole, or try a simple saute with garlic, butter, and sage for a delicious, savory result. Check out this amazing recipe! Alternatively, use al dente pasta in a pasta salad with garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, extra virgin olive oil, and wine vinegar. Like many classic Italian recipes, this squid ink pasta is best paired with white wine or sparkling cider.


Durum wheat, water, squid ink


500 grams (17.6 oz)


Product of Italy

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