Pane Carasau Carasatu Giulio Bulloni Crispbread, 8.82 oz

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Pane Carasau is a traditional Sardinian crispbread

This Italian crispbread is made with a delicious combination of simple ingredients.

Pair with your favorite meat, seafood, or vegetarian recipes for a hearty meal.

Pane Carasatu Giulio Bulloni Crispbread is an artisan flatbread. If you're a fan of traditional, rustic breads, then you'll love this crisp flatbread that has been a staple of the Sardinian diet for centuries.

Traditionally made from durum wheat flour, water, and sea salt, Pane Carasau is known for its unique texture, which is crunchy and papery. It's perfect for soaking up the flavors of sauces, dips, and spreads. Unlike many other types of bread, Pane Carasau is baked twice, giving it an extra crispy texture and making it shelf-stable for long periods of time.

Originally eaten by shepherds with sheep’s milk cheese and olive oil, this type of bread also pairs excellently with cured meats and fish appetizers. This traditional bread is a fragrant and tasty base for an appetizer or meal.

Pair this Italian crispbread with wine or sparkling cider for a refreshing appetizer. Or add this crispbread to a gift basket—along with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil—for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine.


Flour and bran of durum wheat, water, salt marine, yeast


8.82 oz (250 g)


Product of Italy

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