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Partanna Olive Oil

Partanna has produced premium extra virgin olive oil for over 100 years. Using the freshness of the ancestral land in Sicily, from soil to stem, Partanna delivers authentic Italian flavors through their culinary offerings. In addition to their beloved extra virgin olive oil, Partanna sells classic green olives, balsamic vinegar, and Sicilian marinades.

The Famous Partanna Quality

The Asaro family has been crafting the highest quality extra virgin olive oils since 1916. Partanna, named after the city in Sicily where the Asaro family lived, was the first Asaro olive oil brand to be distributed in the United States and continues to be one of the best-regarded kitchen olive oils available. In 2018 it was named one the top five kitchen olive oils by GQ magazine!  

What kinds of Partanna products can I buy?

Enjoy Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which comes in both rustic tin liters and glass bottles. Partanna also offers the olives that make the olive oil special, such as Partanna Pitted Castelvetrano Green Olives, as well as marinades such as Partanna Vinaigrette with Spicy Sicilian Herbs and Balsamic Vinegar.