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Terra di Siena

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Terra di Siena

Filippo Gambassi and the Gambassi Family Tradition

The Gambassi family began producing artisanal meat in Tuscany, Italy about 120 years ago. When Lorenzo Nidiaci opened the first shop in Poggibonsi at the end of the 1800s, the family’s products were so admired that the Gambassi family became the main meat supplier for the King of Italy. Five generations later, this legacy carries on with Filippo Gambassi and has made its way to Northern Europe, Japan, Australia, and now America. They still follow the same family traditions and recipes implemented long ago in the Italian countryside. 

Bringing Artisanal Italian Meat to America

Being a family-owned operation, it was a challenge for Terra di Siena to export their Italian meat to the U.S. So instead, they decided to bring everything they knew about producing meat in Italy to the farmlands of Virginia. Embracing their slogan to the fullest“Sapori di ieri, sapere di oggi” (“Flavor of yesterday, knowledge of today”)—Terra di Siena supplies high quality artisan food to new friends and customers using the old, tried-and-true methods. So the types of meat you get from them in the U.S. really are slices of Italy.

What Makes Terra di Siena Meat Special

It starts with the care of the animals. A specially chosen network of Virginia farms raises free range hogs with a natural, nutritious diet which is free of chemicals. Then, they use simple organic ingredients and slow, natural aging to develop the flavor of the meat. It is then seasoned with ingredients fresh from Sicily and Modena: sea salt, vinegar, pepper, garlic, and sometimes fennel. Terra di Siena uses traditional techniques from Tuscany, Italy, letting the meat age for anywhere between two and 18 months. Their goal is to always offer something natural and handcrafted. 

Types of Meat You Can Buy

Supermarket Italy is proud to offer you the finest selection of free range, organic artisan food from Terra di Siena. Get the very best coppa, prosciutto, guanciale, and dry-cured loin right here, thanks to the Gambassi family who strive to help you enjoy your food the Tuscan way.

Founders of Terra di Siena Italian Meat