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Why drink Twinings Tea?

Twinings takes every possible measure of care to ensure the best-tasting, highest quality teas reach your table. Twining master tea blenders are required to train for a minimum of five years to become skilled enough to harvest the best tea leaves from across the globe. Every single tea leaf is handpicked from areas that have just the right climate, altitude, soil quality, and other characteristics to make premium tea. Twinings then undertakes a dedicated four-step process until each tea blend reaches perfection.

A 300-year History

Twinings Tea began centuries ago in London, England with a man named Thomas Twining. In 1701, the young Twining began researching and studying various tea imports from the East India Company with the help of one of the company’s merchants, Thomas D’Aeth. In 1706, Twining opened up shop at Tom’s Coffee House, where he sold hot tea mainly to the upper classes who could afford the trending new beverage. In the years that followed, Twinings Tea became so well-liked that it was served to royal clientele. Today, Twinings Tea satisfies people of all stations at an extremely affordable, low price.

Sourced with Care

Twinings is dedicated to conducting ethical business. This tea brand helps improve the quality of life in the various locations it sources its tea from by training locals in the tea trade, protecting worker’s rights and incomes, and creating better living conditions.

Where can I buy Twinings Tea?

Supermarket Italy sells several Twinings Tea flavors, from Camomile Tea to Lapsang Souchong Tea. The Twinings Tea on our website comes in tea bags, with each package containing 20 bags of tea.