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Meica: Germany’s Favorite Sausage

Meica is a company that sells some of Germany’s favorite sausage brands. Deutschländer is one of Meica’s most recognizable sausage brands, while other popular products include Mini Wini, Trueman’s, and Bratmaxe. But Meica isn’t just a meat mecca; they sell vegetarian food products, too! Vegetarians can enjoy meat-free versions of Meica’s most popular sausages and instant curry meals.

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What does German sausage taste like?

There are several types of German sausage, including WienersFrankfurters, and Bratwurst. Most German sausage is pork sausage, or at the very least a mixture of pork and beef. Most of what Americans refer to as “hot dogs” are actually a type of German sausage, i.e. Frankfurters.

What other products does Meica sell?

Hosting a cocktail party? Pick up a few jars of Meica’s Mini Wini Cocktail Sausages so your guests have something tasty to munch on! Hurrying to get to work on time? Take one of Meica’s convenient Curry King instant meals.

Where can I buy Meica sausages?

Supermarket Italy sells an assortment of Meica’s German sausages. Try each kind and let us know which one is your favorite!