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Spices & Seasonings

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What types of spices can I find at Supermarket Italy?

The easier question would probably be, “What types of spices can’t I find at Supermarket Italy?” We have nearly 150 spice and seasoning options available, from simple sea salt to more exotic spices including Chiquilin Paella Seasoning and Hot Paprika, Castella Cajun Seasoning, and Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings.

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What types of herbs?

One can easily stock their pantry with the amount of herbs we have in stock. Tarragon Leaf, Dill Weed, Caraway Seeds, and Fennel Seeds are just a few of the herbs we carry that are heavily used in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and beyond.

What meals can I make with Supermarket Italy’s spices and seasonings?

Fire up the BBQ and prep your chicken, steak, ribs and whatever else with Bone Suckin’ Sauce Seasoning. (Need ideas? Check out these 3 Best BBQ Recipes.) Make dinner easier with any of Knorr’s Fixes. Our spice cupboard is open to you for anything you want to make!