Europe's Finest Smoked Gouda, 6.5 lb.


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This authentic Smoked Gouda Giant Log is produced in Holland

A complex smoke flavor complements the buttery taste that makes Gouda one of the most popular cheeses in the world.

Sample with fresh fruit and crackers on a cheese board. Perfect for sandwiches. 

This Smoked Gouda cheese giant log possesses the rich, buttery taste of Gouda cheese with a smoky taste and aroma. Made from cow's milk, this type of cheese is wonderful when eaten on its own, but when it's melted, the rich, smoky flavor is absolutely heart-warming. Try it on a charcuterie board with your favorite deli meats. Melt it over burgers, toasted sandwiches, and grilled paninis. Or use it as an ingredient in gourmet mac and cheese. Enjoy with a glass of dessert wine or a refreshing hard cider.

6.5 lb.


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