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What makes Olli special? 

After four generations, Olli Salumeria continues to make high quality salami meats using traditional Italian recipes. Olli’s founder grew up in a family of salami makers who had been crafting artisan meats since 1850 and carried those traditions into his company, Olli Salumeria. Still at the heart of Olli is the simple belief in three key factors: “people, product, and process.” Supporting each factor ultimately leads to superior charcuterie meats that brings joy to people around the world. 

What kinds of products does Olli sell? 

Salami lovers rejoice! Olli offers an exceptional variety of cures and cuts. Beat midday cravings with Sliced Genoa Salame Snacks or Sliced Soppresatta Snacks. For a delicious charcuterie board spread, include Olli Hard Smoked Salami and Olli Chorizo. In addition to the traditional flavors of fennel and wine, Olli crafts salami that reflect regional variations. Try Toscano Salame or head south and sample Napoli Salame.

What can I make with Olli meats? 

Olli deli meats will be perfect additions to a charcuterie board. Salami goes great with a variety of cheeses, including gouda cheese and provolone. Try sprinkling salami on homemade pizza, or layer with other charcuterie meats as part of a classic Italian sub.