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Baci Perugina

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What is Baci Perugina?

One of the most beloved specialties of Italy, Baci Perugina is the flagship brand for Perugina Italian chocolate and candy. Baci, or “kisses,” are hazelnut truffles coated in chocolate and wrapped in a traditional silver and blue foil. Inside each baci wrapping there is a signature love note, words of inspiration and adoration from throughout history.  

Where did Baci come from?

Baci were first developed in 1922 by Luisa Spagnoli, an Italian chocolate maker who came up with a recipe combination of a full hazelnut covered in hazelnut cream and chocolate. The resulting shape she called a cazzotto or “punch” because it looked so much like a fist. Worrying that the rough image wouldn’t translate to sales, her husband instead suggested wrapping them with love notes and calling them Baci instead. The intuition paid off, and just five years later in 1927, the Perugina factory claimed to have already sold 100 million Baci kisses.  

What kinds of Italian candy can I buy from Baci Perugina?

Supermarket Italy keeps the virtual shelves stocked with the best Italian candy, including Baci kisses. Enjoy a bag of Baci Perugina Original Dark Chocolate Truffles or a box of Classic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, both filled with individually wrapped hazelnut truffles that include the classic love note. For the true chocolate lover in your life, gift a special Baci Perugina Holiday Edition Gift Box over the holiday season!