Baci Perugina Amaretto Truffles Festive Edition Tin, 8.8 oz

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These Amaretto Chocolates are a festive gift

These chocolate truffles have a rich hazelnut and almond flavor.

Pair these chocolates with coffee, tea, or dessert wine.

One of the most beloved specialties of Italy, Baci Perugina is the flagship brand for Perugina Italian chocolate and candy. Baci, or “kisses,” are hazelnut truffles coated in chocolate.

Baci Perugina Amaretto Truffles Festive Edition Tin is the perfect holiday gift for the chocolate lover in your life. These amaretto chocolate truffles are made with hazelnuts and almonds, giving them a flavor reminiscent of amaretto liqueur.

Enjoy these chocolates with freshly brewed coffee or tea. Pair them with a glass of dessert wine such as a ruby port. Try them as part of a dessert platter, alongside fresh fruit and salted caramels. Toss them in a luxurious ice cream sundae. Or simply have a piece or two as a quick snack.


Sugar, cocoa mass, hazelnuts, almond, cocoa butter, anhydrous butter (milk), milk powder, natural flavor, emulsifier (lecithin) natural vanilla flavoring


8.82 oz - 20 pieces


Product of Italy

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