Italian Prosciutto "Colori e Sapori" - 16 lb.

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Colori Sapori is Authentic Italian Prosciutto 

This top selling Italian Cured Ham is beloved for its great taste and affordable price. 

Whole Prosciutto Leg Italiano Colori Sapori is an Italian meat cured to perfection. 

As soon as you open the packaging, the intense aroma from the Colori e Sapori Italian Prosciutto will fill the room and transport you to an Italian paradise. Creation of this sweet, delicate ham is an art form that Italian farmers have perfected after hundreds of years of production. During the curing process, they skillfully air dry, salt, and age high quality pork until it has reached perfection.

The unique flavor of this sweet and salty cured meat is matched only by its versatility. Slice this ham thin and serve it with melon, fresh figs, and a pinch of sea salt on a charcuterie board. Pile this freshly sliced prosciutto on toasted bread along with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes for a panino sandwich. Or serve on a cutting board as a dinner centerpiece. Pair this cured Italian meat with a bold red wine, hard cider, or even a lager beer.


Pork, salt 


16 lb


Product of Italy

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