Cotechino Levoni IGP, 17.6 oz

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Cotechino di Modena is an authentic Italian sausage

Cotechino sausage is an Italian meat that's traditionally enjoyed with lentils on New Year's.

This pork sausage mixture is stuffed with flavorful spices that give it a pleasant, wintery aroma.

This Italian Meat is a pork meat food product made from a mix of top quality pork, seasoned with natural flavorings and spices, then filled into natural casings and tied by hand at both ends. Similar to another sausage from the Emilia-Romagna region called zampone Modena, this meat from northern Italy is a beloved Italian meat, especially to serve on New Year's day, when cotechino and lentils are eaten to usher in good fortune. Gluten-free. Lactose-free.

Cook this Cotechino Modena PGI thoroughly before serving and enjoy with mashed potatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, and don't forget to add the lentils.

Pork, pork skin, water, salt, spices, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, natural flavor. Bovine hide collagen casing.

17.6 oz (500 grams)


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