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Gnocchi / Gnocchetti

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Gnocchi / Gnocchetti

What is Gnocchi?

Gnocchi is one of the most popular varieties of pasta, which is the heart and soul of Italian cuisine. With a tender bite and a potato filled center, gnocchi pasta is the ultimate Italian comfort food. It is a small, rounded pasta that pairs well with a variety of Italian sauces, such as cream sauce, tomato sauce, and green pesto. When made even smaller, it is called gnocchetti.

What are some gnocchi recipes?

With a starchy taste and tender, melt in your mouth texture, gnocchi makes a hearty and satisfying base for all types of pasta recipes. Some gnocchi recipes include gnocchi vegetable soup, gnocchi with butter and grated parmesan cheese, or for the very hungry, a gnocchi pasta bake! 

What are some gnocchi pasta brands?

Along with an extensive selection of top quality imports from Italy and around the world, Supermarket Italy also carries a wide selection of gnocchi pasta for your convenience, including traditional and gluten-free options. Buy gnocchi online from Supermarket Italy and upgrade your cooking with pasta brands such as Sanniti, Le Veneziane, Pastificio Gentile, La Fabbrica Delle Pasta and more!