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Gnocchi / Gnocchetti

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What is Gnocchi?

Gnocchi is one of the most popular varieties of pasta, which is the heart and soul of Italian cuisine. With a delicate and tender bite, Gnocchi pasta makes an elegant foundation for a long list of sauces and ingredients. In Italian, the correct pronunciation of gnocchi is ‘nyohk-kee.’ Read More

Made with a combination of potato starch, water, and eggs, the small, rounded shape of Gnocchi pasta marries well with creamy sauces. Another variety is called Gnocchetti, which is similar in flavor but smaller in size and made with semolina or cornmeal. When Gnocchi or Gnocchetti is cooked correctly, it melts in your mouth with a buttery finish.

While there is some uncertainty to the exact origins of Gnocchi, it has its roots in the Middle East where it was later adopted into ancient Roman cuisine. The Romans made Gnocchi from a semolina porridge mixed with eggs, a recipe that would change in later centuries.

When potatoes were introduced to Europe in the 1600s, they became the main ingredient in Gnocchi, a favorite Italian pasta that has maintained its universal appeal for hundreds of years. Today, gnocchi pasta is a popular option at Italian restaurants and home kitchens in Italy and all over the globe.

How is Gnocchi used/made?

Gnocchi is made with potatoes, eggs, flour, and water, which is kneaded and rolled into long snakes. The rolls of dough are then cut into small oval-shaped pieces and texturized with a fork or wooden board, giving Gnocchi its iconic appearance. Gnocchi pasta is easy to make, especially when you buy Gnocchi online from Supermarket Italy. Simply boil the Gnocchi in slightly salted water for 3 to 5 minutes or until it rises to the surface.

In Italy, Gnocchi or Gnocchetti pasta is traditionally served as the first course and accompanied with classic ingredients like butter, pesto, sage, or tomato-based sauces. If you’re looking for where to buy potato Gnocchi, Supermarket Italy features a selection of premium brands such as I Fiderlari, a family-owned and operated company that uses time-honored, handcrafted production methods.

Another premium brand of Gnocchi is Gentile, a historic artisanal pasta factory that has been in operation since 1876. To this day, the company prides itself on using bronze molds and 100% Italian sourced ingredients.

If you’re looking for where to buy gluten-free Gnocchi, Supermarket Italy features a selection of wheat-free pasta selections that taste like the real thing. For those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, Le Veneziane specializes in gluten-free Gnocchi made with potatoes, along with their line of gluten-free pasta using kosher-certified GMO-free cornmeal.

For Gnocchi pasta with a Sardinian twist, Supermarket Italy also offers Tanda & Spada, a company known for its high-quality regional specialties.

With a starchy taste and tender, melt in your mouth texture, Gnocchi makes a hearty and satisfying base for delicious flavor combinations like roasted squash and goat cheese or spinach and ricotta. For classic Italian Gnocchi, keep it simple with butter, sage, and grated Parmesan.

Where to Buy Gnocchi/Gnocchetti

Along with an extensive selection of top quality imports from Italy and around the world, Supermarket Italy also carries a wide selection of Gnocchi pasta for your convenience, including traditional and gluten-free options. Buy Gnocchi online from Supermarket Italy and upgrade your cooking with this mouth-watering specialty pasta from Italy.