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Italian Lasagna Noodle Sheets

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Italian Lasagna Noodle Sheets

The ultimate comfort food, lasagna is a quintessential casserole dish that delivers a satisfying flavor with layers of mouth-watering ingredients. Made with sheets of lasagna noodles, this iconic Italian entree showcases a range of classic ingredients like tomato paste, melty cheese, ground beef, and a bevy of vegetables. Read More

The first known form of pasta, lasagna can be traced back to Ancient Greece. While the original cooking method involved lasagna noodles layered with pasta and sauce, the traditional Italian ingredients wouldn’t be used until a few centuries later. Today, the classic lasagna recipe is a menu staple at Italian restaurants in Italy and around the world.

How is Lasagna Made?

Traditional lasagna pasta dough is prepared using a time-honored recipe from Southern Italy. A combination of durum wheat and water is thoroughly combined and then rolled out and cut into wide strips.

The Best Lasagna Noodles to Buy

At Supermarket Italy, we offer a selection of premium lasagna noodles, including De Cecco, which features a special cut of wavy, decorative sides.

Another option for traditional lasagna noodles is the Gentile brand, which made a name for itself with a historic artisanal pasta factory established in 1876. Today, the iconic Italian company continues to produce lasagna noodles and other types of pasta using traditional, handcrafted techniques passed down through the generations. Italian grandmother-tested and approved, these top quality lasagna noodles use a select semolina wheat variety of known as Senatore Capelli. Using the low-temperature drying method known as “Cirillo,” the top grade durum wheat helps to preserve its flavorful aroma and tender mouthfeel.

Gentile is also the best lasagna to buy for an Italian authentic experience; following the time-honored tradition of Old World pasta production, the lasagna noodles are bronze cut, which creates a more porous pasta that holds onto sauces and seasonings.

For those with gluten sensitivities or Celiac disease, we also feature gluten-free lasagna noodles by Le Veneziane, a wheat-free and eggless variety that is made with non-GMO, kosher-certified corn. It gets its characteristic golden color from the addition of vitamin A (natural carotenes), giving it the look of real pasta. Many say that the taste is even better than traditional lasagna noodles, especially with a tender ‘al dente’ bite and a delicate flavor that works well with any sauce.

Every region in Italy has its own version of this classic dish. For traditional Neapolitan style lasagna, the pasta is layered with a Ragu meat sauce along with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, local sausage, and small fried meatballs. The traditional recipe in the Emilia-Romagna region calls for a thicker Ragu and a béchamel sauce to balance the acidity of the tomato paste. Whatever the region, all types of lasagna are oven baked (al forno) and can include various combinations Italian cheeses, tomato sauce, and vegetables such as spinach, zucchini, olives, and mushrooms. It all comes together with classic seasonings like garlic, onions, basil, and oregano.

Where to buy lasagna sheets?

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find everything you need to make classic lasagna in your home kitchen or restaurant. Along with a selection of the best lasagna to buy, we also offer traditional Italian ingredients such as tomato sauce, cheeses like ricotta and Parmesan, and a wide variety of the finest imported meats and sausages. Buy lasagna online from Supermarket Italy and enjoy the convenience of high-quality Italian imports delivered directly to your door.