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Gluten Free Pasta

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Gluten Free Pasta

What is gluten-free pasta?

Made with corn, rice, and quinoa, gluten-free pasta has the same tender ‘al dente’ texture as regular pasta, which makes it a delicious alternative for those with Celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. Thanks to a characteristically starchy flavor, gluten-free pasta tastes very similar to traditional pasta made with durum wheat. Read More

In the last decade, the market for gluten-free pasta has increased exponentially as gluten intolerance has become more and more prevalent. Today, gluten-free pasta is widely available as a healthy substitute for pasta, which means that people with gluten sensitivities or wheat allergies don’t have to miss out on the ultimate comfort food.

How is gluten-free pasta made?

Gluten-free pasta is made in the same way as regular pasta but with quinoa, corn, and rice in place of durum wheat. The ingredients are thoroughly combined and then rolled out and cut into noodles of various shapes and sizes.

Available Gluten-free Pasta Brands

Wondering where to buy Garafalo gluten-free pasta or where to buy Le Veneziane gluten-free pasta? Supermarket Italy has everything you need to make a wheat-free pasta dish that tastes just as satisfying and delicious as the traditional variety. A combination of quinoa, corn, and rice, Garofalo gluten-free pasta has a nutty flavor and smooth texture. Quinoa is also high in fiber and a good source of Important vitamins and minerals like magnesium, folate, and iron. Choose from a variety of pasta shapes like Penne Rigate and Casarecce, plus the classics such as linguine and spaghetti.

Another option for gluten-free pasta is Le Veneziane, a premium quality brand that uses corn or potatoes as a substitute for wheat. For an elegant and easy to make meal, their potato gnocchi makes a soft and starchy base for creamy sauces and other tasty ingredients like meat and vegetables. Le Veneziane also makes a corn-based penne pasta, which has a tube shape that allows sauces and seasonings to thoroughly coat the inside.

What popular dishes use gluten-free pasta?

When you buy gluten-free pasta, you can enjoy your favorite recipes without sacrificing flavor or texture. Any pasta recipe can be substituted with gluten-free pasta, which provides a soft and delicious bite that tastes like the real thing. For a traditional pasta dish, gluten-free penne with vodka sauce adds a Neapolitan twist to your weekly meal rotation.

Another classic dish, gluten-free fettuccine Alfredo makes a creamy and satisfying dish that can highlight hearty-flavored greens like spinach or broccoli. With a range of gluten-free pasta options like spaghetti, spirals, and more, the possibilities for gluten-free pasta dishes are seemingly limitless. Following the instructions in a recipe, you can prepare it just like you would normal pasta. Add your favorite sauce and ingredients for a pasta dish that tastes amazing, even without wheat or gluten.

Where to buy gluten-free pasta

If you have gluten or wheat allergies, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your love of pasta to stay healthy. At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find everything you need to make delicious and flavorful gluten-free meals, from pasta and sauces to seasonings, meat, and so much more. Buy gluten-free pasta online from Supermarket Italy and enjoy the convenience of top quality Italian imports delivered straight to your door.