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Fusilli / Eliche

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Fusilli / Eliche

What is fusilli pasta?

Generally, fusilli is a pasta type that resembles a tight coil. When fusilli is handmade, it is made by curling a long, thin strip of pasta around a thin needle or rod. However, there are actually multiple types of fusilli in Italy, and some of them vary greatly in shape and design.

How many different types of fusilli pasta are there?

Some fusilli is short, while some are very long. Some types, like fusilli al ferretto, doesn’t even have the spiral shape that this pasta type is known for, but is still referred to by this name because of the way it is handmade and curved. There is fusilli Calabresi from Calabria, Italy as well as fusilli Avellinesi or Napoletani from Campania, Italy. Basilicata also has its own type called ricci alla tricaricese, whose coils are more flat than the typical type.

What are fusilli recipes I can make?

There are as many ways to enjoy fusilli pasta as there are types. This pasta does well with vegetarian pasta recipes as well as ground beef pasta recipes; thick sauces or thin sauces; heavy or light. Fusilli is often used to make Italian pasta salad as well. Fusilli recipes are truly endless.

What brands does Supermarket Italy sell?

Supermarket Italy carries some of the most popular pasta brands including Giuseppe Cocco, Le Veneziane, and De Cecco. Single, bulk, and multi-pack orders are all available.