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Luxardo cherries

An iconic garnish for cocktails and desserts, Luxardo cherries are made with high quality ingredients and no artificial coloring, making them the gold standard of cocktail cherries. The Luxardo Original maraschino cherries are candied with Marasca syrup, which was developed by the Luxardo family from a fruit used for distilling the renowned Maraschino liqueur and the cherry flavored Sangue Morlacco. The Ferrari of candied cherries, Luxardo cherries have a chewy, candy-like texture and deep flavor that adds a gourmet touch to high end cocktails and world class desserts. Read More

The history behind Luxardo cherries

Before it produced the world’s first preserved cherries, Luxardo was a distillery off the coast of modern-day Croatia, which was an Italian province at the time. Founded in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo, the company made a name for itself with Maraschino, a cherry liqueur made from the leaves, stems, pits, and skins of sour Marasca cherries. In fact, the pits are what give Luxardo cherries a distinctive nutty taste, which is similar to the flavor of almonds.

Because cherries bruise easily and don’t stay fresh for very long, farmers started preserving them in Marasca liqueur, which paved the way for the maraschino cherry that we all know and love. In 1905, the company produced the classic marschino cherries that would soon become the preferred garnish for cocktails, the trendy drink of choice at bars and speakeasies in the United States and Europe.

The fruit for the famous Luxardo cherries are made from an orchard of trees that grow in the fertile volcanic soil of the Veneto region. The PH of the soil is ideal for the marasca variety, which is used to make Luxardo cherries along with their full line of products. Like many specialty products made in Italy, there are no shortcuts in the production of Maraschino Luxardo liqueur. Made from the fermentation of the marasca cherry with juice and alcohol, it takes four years to produce a single batch. 

They also make a Cherry Sangue Morlacco liqueur that is produced from the fermentation of the Marasca cherry juice. Going beyond cocktail garnishes, the Luxardo brand also makes Amarascata, a premium jam made with marasca cherries. They also produce a range of classic Italian liqueurs anise-flavored Sambuca, Amaretto (almond-flavored), Limoncello, and herbal flavors like Amaro and Fernet.

Today, Luxardo cherries are the preferred cocktail garnish in the bartending world. The Luxardo name is recognized as a premium quality brand and a family-owned business that was founded on a combination of hard work and a passion for excellence. For 200 years, Luxardo cherries have maintained the benchmark for cocktail garnishes, which starts with homegrown marasca sour cherries and a meticulous, time-honored production process that uses the original family recipe.

What makes Luxardo cherries unique?

Like an exclamation point for cocktails, Luxardo cherries add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall presentation. Other brands use artificial coloring and other chemicals in the syrup, giving it the color of bright red lipstick and an unnaturally sweet flavor and waxy consistency.

Luxardo cherries, however, are made with the original recipe handed down from generations, which is why it exhibits a dark red color and the distinguishing taste of real cherries. Preserved in maraschino liqueur, these cherries are drastically different than the bright red specimens found in the average cocktail or as sundae topping. Luxardo cherries have a meaty texture and sweet-tart flavor, which adds an unmistakable taste to a wide range of cocktails and desserts. Using premium, naturally sourced ingredients, Luxardo Maraschino cherries deliver the authentic taste of Old World Italy.

What are Luxardo maraschino cherries used for?

Luxardo Maraschino cherries are an essential ingredient to a long list of cocktails and desserts. Send one or two adrift in an icy Manhattan to balance the bite of bourbon and enhance the red vermouth. The Luxardo cherry also adds elegance to classic drinks like the Aviation or Last Word. Don’t forget the syrup—a spoonful of the rich, dark red liquid makes an excellent complement to whiskey or pisco. In fact, the special flavor of Luxardo cherries and syrup makes it an essential addition to every high-end cocktail bar, especially with its wide range of uses in cocktail recipes. 

When it comes to desserts, Luxardo cherries add pure sophistication to the classic ice cream sundae. It also ups the ante on cheesecake, especially when you hold the canned cherry pie filling and instead, opt for Luxardo cherries and syrup as a luxe garnish. It makes all the difference when you use authentic ingredients like Luxardo cherries, which are made with a simple, time-honored process that preserves the natural fruit flavor.

Where can I buy Luxardo Cherries?

If you’re wondering where to buy Luxardo Cherries, Supermarket Italy features a selection of Original Luxardo Maraschino Cherries in several sizes. Keep your bar or dessert station fully stocked with extra large 12 lb. cans or choose smaller quantities like 6.6 lbs. We also feature budget-friendly 6 packs of 14 oz. jars, which are available to the public at wholesale prices.

A must-have for your liquor cabinet, shop for Luxardo Maraschino cherries today and elevate your favorite cocktails and desserts with the classic cherry on top.