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Where does Zona Organic food come from?

Zona Organic products are grown and harvested in Spain. Zona’s fresh vegetables are picked at their prime, then preserved in low-sodium brine or olive oil so that chefs around the world can use them all year round. Of course, you don’t have to be a top chef to enjoy the natural, succulent flavors of Zona vegetables! 

What does ‘sustainable agriculture’ mean?

In addition to fresh vegetables, Zona Organic also produces high quality seafood such as white tuna and anchovies. This brand engages in sustainable fishing and sustainable agriculture across the board. Sustainable agriculture is a responsible method of producing food that adheres to strict guidelines so as not to destabilize the natural habitat. Be assured that the Spanish seafood you buy from Zona is sustainable seafood that is CPAER and MSC-certified.

What makes Zona Organic food healthy food?

The Zona brand prides itself on its ability to produce great-tasting and completely natural food. Zona food is healthy food because it does not contain any unhealthy chemicals and is certified EU and USDA organic. Additionally, any brine that is used to preserve vegetables or fish is always low-sodium. Make Spanish food recipes and other delicious dishes with these healthy food products.

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