Cheeses to Pair with your Spanish Dishes from Supermarket Italy

Cheeses to Pair with your Spanish Dishes from Supermarket Italy
By Lauren Forte


At first glance at the name, Supermarket Italy may seem like a website full of Italian grocery items. However, that is far from the truth. Supermarket Italy's website is full of a wide array of grocery items from all over the world. The online gourmet store features gourmet grocery items from all over Europe and from a wide variety of cultures guaranteed to appeal to just about anyone's taste buds. One of my personal favorite hacks on the website is exploring the different countries' grocery items that the website has to offer, including countries like Spain, France, the UK, etc. This is what makes Supermarket Italy the perfect website to use when making dishes from different countries/cultures.

When making Spanish dishes, it is essential to include authentic and organic ingredients to ensure that the dish tastes authentic—cheese being one of the most essential ingredients. Cheese is a huge part of Spanish dishes as they like to pair it with many of their foods and dishes. When exploring Supermarket Italy’s website, finding organic and authentic Spanish cheeses is effortless. Below are some of the best Spanish cheeses I have discovered on Supermarket Italy to pair and use with your Spanish dishes.

The Manchego Aged 6 Months Cheese Wedge is a great option to use paired with your Spanish dish. According to the website, “Manchego is a sheep’s milk cheese produced in the La Mancha region” and is one of the most popular cheeses in Spain. Manchego is the perfect cheese to pair with Spanish cured meats like fuet and chorizo as it has a nutty taste and grassy aroma. It also pairs well with red wine and fruit. Making it the perfect cheese to put on your charcuterie board.

The Finca Pascualete Cumbre de Trujillo Cheese is another great option to pair with Spanish dishes and snacks. According to the website, “Finca Pascualete Cumbre de Trujillo Cheese is a pasteurized sheep’s milk, semi-cured cheese made according to ancient Spanish tradition.” Said to be aged for a total of 45 days, this cheese had a creamy texture with a hint of subtle spiciness. It is excellent to pair spread on bread with a drizzle of honey on top for a salty-sweet
snack for all the salty-sweet fiends.

The Bauma Formatge Garrotxa Cheese is yet another great option to try. According to the website, “Bauma Formatge Garrotxa Cheese is a pasteurized goat cheese from Catalonia, Spain,” and has a creamy, semi-soft texture. This cheese is aged for two to three months and has tangy citrus notes and a velvety texture. It’s perfect to pair with a sweet or dry white wine at any social gathering with friends or family.

It’s fair to say that Supermarket Italy is your one-stop shop when it comes to authentic gourmet grocery items from all over the world. With such a diverse array of items, it's guaranteed that you will find anything sure to satisfy any worldly dish you plan on making. Even if you don’t know what you want to cook, exploring all that Supermarket Italy has to offer is always fun.
Head on over to the Supermarket Italy website or open up their mobile app to get cheesy!

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