Five Minute Gnocchi with Supermarket Italy

         by Melanie Kessinger 

        This year, I realized how time-consuming cooking can be. Between deciding what to make, running to the store to fetch the ingredients, preparing the meal, eating, and cleaning up afterwards, making meals from scratch is no simple feat. However, with time to experiment in the kitchen while life was put on hold during the pandemic, I discovered my favorite easy meal: pan-fried gnocchi.

            Gnocchi is delicious, and lightly pan-frying this chewy potato pasta is not only a timesaver, but also a healthier way to get your fried-food fix. My go-to recipe takes only a few minutes — no more waiting around for the water to boil!

         For this dish, I recommend Supermarket Italy’s Sanniti potato gnocchi. This gnocchi is light, fresh, and fluffy — and only $2.99 per bag! One serving is approximately half of a bag, so definitely stock up if you are planning a dinner with friends. To make the gnocchi, drizzle extra virgin olive oil onto a pan and add the desired amount of gnocchi. Set the pan to medium heat and wait until the bottom of the gnocchi are light brown, then flip the pieces over with a pair of tongs. Just like that, your gnocchi is ready!

            For the sauce, I typically use a vodka tomato blend. Paesana’s Vodka Sauce from Supermarket Italy is made from 100% imported Italian plum tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and other natural ingredients for a traditional Italian taste. After my gnocchi has finished cooking, I usually pour my sauce into the pan with the gnocchi on low heat to warm the entire dish. Lastly, I sprinkle truffle salt on top for an added pop of flavor, which is available in abundance on Supermarket Italy’s website.

            I love this dish because it feels authentically Italian but takes such little time to prepare. Additionally, since the recipe only requires one pan, clean-up time is minimal. As far as shopping beforehand goes, Supermarket Italy is a lifesaver because it delivers all the ingredients I need straight to my door. Now that the world has reopened again and my schedule is much busier, it is all the more important to have a quick go-to meal, and Supermarket Italy can help you make that happen. La cena è pronta! (Dinner is served!)

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