This Is How True Italians Celebrate Father's Day

Did you know that you already missed Father's Day this year? The Italian Father’s Day, that is. While this holiday is celebrated in June in the United States, Father’s Day in Italy actually takes place on March 19. This is because true Italians celebrate Father’s Day on Saint Joseph’s Day. How else would a predominantly Catholic country celebrate all of their great fathers if not on the day that honors the earthly father of Jesus?

Aside from Joseph’s very important role as a father to Christ, he is also the protector of woodworkers, poor people and orphans. Because of this, small villages throughout Italy still maintain the ancient tradition of hosting a meal for the poor on this day every year.

When it comes to food, Saint Joseph’s Day is all about Italian pastries and desserts. Fried cream puffs and zeppoles are the most popular treats eaten on this day. These are small, fried cakes topped with custard cream and usually some chopped pistachios and a cherry. If you don’t delight in these decadent Italian pastries on Saint Joseph’s Day, you are going about this holiday all wrong.

So if you want to take part in the Italian tradition, try making some of these heavenly pastries this Father’s Day with ingredients from Supermarket Italy!

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When my father-in-law, Giuseppe, was alive, we always had Sfinci on March 10 to celebrate the holiday. Its nice to hear of it from you, too. thanks for the little memory. Carole

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