10 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar You Never Knew About

Did you know that apple cider vinegar is a multipurpose item? Apple cider vinegar uses range from cooking to aiding in weight loss, and some even say it makes your hair shinier! Take a look at these 10 uses for apple cider vinegar you never knew about.


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This type of vinegar is unique in that it has antibacterial properties. These antibacterial effects have been explored in a few research studies, and it has been said that it has “multiple antimicrobial potential with clinical therapeutic implications.” Sore throats and even fungal infections can be alleviated by the consumption of apple cider vinegar!

Weight Loss

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In one study published in the Journal of Functional Foods, people who followed a low calorie diet and had a steady intake of apple cider vinegar lost more weight than people who only followed a low calorie diet. There is still more research to be done, but some people have reported that over a period of 12 weeks, 30 milliliters of apple cider vinegar a day helped accelerate their weight loss.

Vinaigrette Dressing

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There are many apple cider vinegar recipes out there, but one of the main uses for this type of vinegar is for use in salad dressings and vinaigrettes. Add some Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to a salad for a brighter, more tangy flavor.

Marinades and Glazes

marinated grilled pork chops

Meat marinades and meat glazes often include apple cider vinegar as an ingredient. Pork chops and chicken, in particular, benefit from the flavor and acidic properties of ACV. Throw some brown sugar in the mix for a savory-sweet glaze or put the meat on the grill for a more complex, smoky flavor.

Lower Cholesterol

heart shaped bowl with heart healthy foods such as salmon, blueberries, and almonds

Other possible apple cider vinegar uses include maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol. The same study that says ACV can help with weight loss also claims that this type of vinegar lowers bad cholesterol and thus reduces the risk of heart problems.

Lower Blood Sugar

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Other apple cider health benefits include lowering blood sugar and insulin levels. One study in the journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice suggests that having vinegar with a meal every day can help maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.

Pickled Vegetables

bowl of fresh coleslaw

Pickles are made by leaving cucumbers to soak in vinegar. This process of pickling can be used on many vegetables, including radishes, cabbage, and carrots. Apple cider vinegar can be used in this process, and it is also great for giving coleslaw its bright, acidic, and clean taste.


salmon cucumber sushi roll

Sushi rice is different than other types of white rice. Sushi rice is cooked with rice vinegar for enhanced flavor to compliment the other ingredients. While rice vinegar is ideal, apple cider vinegar can be a good rice vinegar substitute. ACV has a stronger taste, however, so it must be diluted with sugar and water.


bbq sauce in a mason jar

We mentioned that ACV is ideal for grilling meat, so it’s not surprising that this type of vinegar is also great for making homemade BBQ sauce and mustard. You’ll notice that recipes that involve ACV are often dishes that are sweet and savory at the same time. The combination of apple and vinegar lends itself to this balance of flavors.

Slow Cooker Recipes

pulled pork on a sesame seed bun

Once again, pork and chicken are ideal meats to put in the slow cooker with ACV. Pulled pork and pulled or shredded chicken left to simmer in this type of vinegar becomes juicier and more flavorful. The best thing about slow cooker recipes is that you can walk away and go about your day while the slow cooker does the work for you!

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