4 Amazing Salami Sandwiches You Need to Try

Photo Credit: Marco Verch, Flickr

European Deluxe Grilled Cheese

(Salami, Pickles, Melted Gouda)

Tired of the same old grilled cheese? Make your grilled cheese sandwich deluxe with salami, pickles, and Gouda cheese. The rich, gooey and warm taste of melted Edam Red Wax Gouda Cheese is total heaven. (Just don’t eat melted wax, of course.) Slice some Kuhne Garlic Kosher Barrel Pickles in half (or thinner) and lay them on the bread as well. Pair it with your favorite kind of salami and wala!

Photo Credit: Pierre-Yves Beaudouin, Wiki

All Hands on Deck Breakfast Sandwich

(Salami, Egg, Onions, Peppers, Swiss Cheese)

Photo Credit: Ezra Wolfe, Flickr

To kick off the day the right way (or if you’re nursing a hangover), you need the ultimate breakfast sandwich. Get a big everything roll and stuff it with salami, eggs, La Valle Grilled Onions, Calabria peppers, and melted Swiss cheese. Spread regular mayo on it, or go a little crazy and use Terrapin Ridge Farms Smokey Onion Mustard or Chipotle Garnishing Squeeze.

Fun in the Sun Panini

(Salami, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Dijon Mustard)

Photo Credit: Kai Uhlemeyer, Flickr

The sweet, tangy taste of La Valle San Marzano Sun-Dried Tomatoes pairs perfectly with the zest of Amora Dijon Mustard. The coarseness of the sun-dried tomatoes and the velvety texture of the Dijon also compliment each other wonderfully. Slap some salami on it and some mozzarella cheese (cold or melted) and you’ve got a sandwich that will hit every corner of your taste buds.

The Mother Truffle Sandwich

(Black Truffle Salami, Black Truffle Carpaccio, Mozzarella, Black Truffle Mustard)

Photo Credit: Kimon Berlin, Flickr

This salami sandwich is for the truffle lovers, because the uninitiated may be wont to call this a truffle overload. Combine Allegro Salami with Black Truffle slices with melted mozzarella cheese and cover with Sabatino Sliced Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio. Truffle is a rich yet subtle flavor, so you don’t want to overwhelm it, but if you’re going to go all out, you might as well spread some Truffle Hunter Black Truffle Mustard on the sandwich as well. 

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