7 Best Things to Do on the Italian Islands

Island vacations don’t have to be all about laying in the sand. While you should undoubtedly visit the best beaches in Italy, there are plenty of other things to do on the Italian islands. Take in the mesmerizing natural scenes and cultural history the Italian islands have to offer with these travel tips.

Soak in the Hot Springs of Ischia Island

The volcanic island of Ischia is located in the legendary Gulf of Naples. While simply taking in the natural scenery is an incredible experience, enjoying Ischia’s hot springs, volcanic mud, and thermal spas is a top priority for any traveler.

Discover Medieval Art and Architecture on Torcello Island

According to TripSavvy, there is a wealth of art and history to behold on the island of Torcello off the coast of Venice. Seventh century Byzantine mosaics draw art lovers and history buffs to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Dell’Assunta. Amongst this and other cathedrals are museums holding archeological treasures spanning the length of human history. Aside from these accessible sites, the island itself is a beautiful nature reserve.

Drink World-Class Wine on Salina Island

Most tourists head straight to Piedmont or Tuscany in search of Italy’s best wine, but the Italian islands are also ideal for indulging in vino—if you know where to look. Salina Island, which is an Aeolian island north of Sicily, is known for its prized Malvasia wine. Plan a wine tour on Salina, or just enjoy a bottle between you and your travel partner while overlooking the glittering sea. Learn more about wine and cheese pairing with this quick and easy guide.

Hike Mount Stromboli or Mount Etna in Sicily

Regardless of whether you are looking into island vacations, hiking Sicily’s Mount Etna or Mount Stromboli on Stromboli Island tops many lists of best things to do in Italy. However, it should be noted that hiking a volcano (especially active ones like these) comes with the possibility of danger. There are many travel tips and precautions one must heed to be prepared for hikes like these, but for the adventurer, it is totally worth it.

Snorkel in the Waters of Lampedusa

Even though every bit of water surrounding Italy is stunning, the waters of Lampedusa Island are exceptionally clear and perfect for snorkeling and scuba-diving. Lampedusa is the last Italian island before entering into African territory, and it has exceptional marine life and underwater scenery to behold. Dive down to wonder at the underwater statue Madonna del Mare, as well as sea flora, fish, and even octopuses!

Climb the Phoenician Steps on Capri Island

Climbing the 921 Phoenician Steps is an exciting physical and sightseeing activity. Beginning in Marina Grande and ending all the way at the top at the Chapel of San Michele, the Phoenician Steps take travelers on a divine visual and historical journey. This route was once the primary trading route between Capri and Anacapri. Now it is the best way to take in a panoramic view of one of the most stunning Italian islands, known for some of the best beaches in Italy.

Sail Around the Island of Procida

Procida is a tiny, colorful island that is as much fun to walk through as it is to look at. While Procida has been the set of several popular films, it is still largely unknown to tourists. Strolling the narrow streets between the vibrant buildings is picturesque and relaxing. Still, one of the best ways to fully experience the beauty of this island is to kayak or sail around it. 

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