Easy Recipe for Spaghetti with Bottarga

Using whole mullet bottarga to enhance a spaghetti recipe is extremely easy. If you want a seafood flavored pasta dish without the added work of actually preparing and cooking the fish, bottarga is your best bet. This easy recipe for Spaghetti with Bottarga is one of the most popular Italian quick pasta recipes.

What You’ll Need to Make Spaghetti with Bottarga


Whole Mullet Bottarga


Bread Crumbs

Blanched Almonds

Sanniti Preserved Lemon

Minced Parsley

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dried Pepper or Crushed Red Pepper

Salt & Pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions for Spaghetti with Bottarga

Roast bread crumbs and finely chopped blanched almonds on a pan in the oven to give them crispy, crunchy texture. Be sure to watch them carefully and avoid burning.

Separately, grate the bottarga and lemon rind. Combine this mixture with chopped parsley and dried crushed red pepper.

As you are making these preparations, cook your spaghetti in a pot until al dente. In a pan, saute chopped garlic in extra virgin olive oil. When the spaghetti is cooked, toss it into the pan with the garlic and olive oil. Once the spaghetti has absorbed these flavors, top it with the bottarga mixture and the bread crumb mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve! 

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