Introducing Skin & Co Roma: The Italian Skin Care Products You Deserve


A Popular Italian Beauty Brand

Skin & Co Roma has been called one of the best Italian beauty brands by Refinery 29, Harper's Bazaar, and other trusted beauty products experts. The acclaimed Italian skin care products come to you from the golden hills of Umbria, Italy. Every ingredient is handpicked to bring out the best of the Mediterranean, and the best in you!

Umbria's Black Winter Truffle

Skin & Co Roma is famous for skin care formulas that use the luxurious Umbrian truffle as a primary ingredient. So why is the Umbrian Black Winter Truffle so desirable and great for your skin? The black truffle extract cleanses, nourishes, and protects your skin from damage. The natural antioxidants found in Skin & Co Roma’s Umbrian Truffle Collection help rejuvenate and brighten your skin. Black truffle is as luxurious an ingredient in beauty products as it is in delicious Italian recipes. Black truffle oil is revered in countless ways, not just in Italy, but across the world.


Experience Italy with The Italian Collection

While this top tier Italian beauty brand is located in Umbria, Italy, their Italian Collection presents beauty products and skin care products that are infused with the spirit of other beautiful regions of Italy. Blue in Capri Shower Gel transports you to the tranquil island of Capri with the scent of wild sage and lemon. Alpine Retreat Shower Gel envelops you in mint blossom, Alpine lavender, and mandarine to give you the sensation of walking through the Italian Alps. Lastly, Sardinian Spirit Shower Gel uses lemongrass and wild orange to bring the island of Sardinia to your skin care routine.

Pamper Yourself with Signature Body Sets

Whether you plan to give it as a gift or just pamper yourself, these bath and body sets are a divine and cost-effective way to try multiple skin care products at once! Enjoy the Italian beauty brand’s bestselling scents with body lotion, shower gel, and hand cream all in one lovely package.

Brand Ethics

Take comfort in knowing that any Skin & Co Roma product you buy from Supermarket Italy is made with organically farmed ingredients, none of which are tested on animals! They are also completely free of any parabens or GMO ingredients. This is natural Italian beauty at its finest.


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