The Difference Between Espresso and Coffee

The difference between espresso and coffee feels like one of those things you should just know, but the fact is many people don’t, and they’re too embarrassed to ask! So let’s answer the question once and for all so you can navigate the coffee bar like a true barista.

What is the difference between espresso and coffee?

The first aspect to consider is the espresso beans and coffee beans themselves. Espresso beans tend to be roasted for longer periods of time than coffee beans, creating a more intense flavor. The other main difference is in the texture of the coffee grounds; espresso beans are very finely ground, while coffee grounds have more of a pebble-like texture. Where the line between espresso and coffee gets a little blurry is that some espressos can also be used to make standard drip coffee. This is why the most important difference between the two is actually the method of preparation.

What makes an espresso shot?

Ground espresso coffee in a portafilter

It sounds like a stupid answer, but an espresso shot can only be made by an espresso machine. O.K., so what’s the difference between an espresso machine and a coffee maker? It’s all about pressure and density. Coffee makers are simple: pour hot water through the coffee filter and you’ve got a pot of coffee. Espresso machines are more complex. The filter holder for an espresso shot is much smaller, which requires the espresso grounds to be packed in very tightly. Then, the espresso machine forces boiling water through in a much faster, more pressurized way. The properties of an espresso machine also give a shot of espresso its signature light brown crema.

Do coffee and espresso taste the same?

Yes and no. While they come from virtually the same type of bean, espresso has a more intense, bitter flavor. Coffee has a higher water-to-grounds ratio, so it is generally a more mild experience.

What are some of the best Italian coffee brands?

One of if not the most popular Italian coffee brands is Lavazza, of which Supermarket Italy has a wide selection. Lavazza coffee and Lavazza espresso are our best-selling products. Kimbo Coffee and Caffe Borbone are our other most popular Italian coffee brands. Dark roast, medium roast, chocolatey, fruity—we’ve got it all!

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