A Traditional Italian Easter Feast: Abbacchio a Scottadito

A Traditional Italian Easter Feast: Abbacchio a Scottadito

easterTaylor Markarian
In Italy, Easter is one of the most important holidays. In fact, the festivities start with the Holy Week, which begins a week earlier on Palm Sunday. Along with religious services and elaborate street processions, the celebration is also centered around an epic feast that is typically enjoyed on Easter Sunday. According to tradition, lamb [...]
What Meal to Make for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner

The Perfect Italian Dinner for Valentine’s Day

italianFrancesco Quattrone
Everything about Italian culture is romantic, especially the food. So when it comes to preparing a special Valentine’s dinner for two, trust in the Old World tradition of Italian cuisine and its mouthwatering flavors that satisfy the stomach and inspire the heart.AppetizerPuccia Bread ChipsEasy to make and elegant to look at, these small bites are [...]
The Traditional Italian Christmas Dinner

The Traditional Italian Christmas Dinner

christmasTaylor Markarian
Italian cuisine varies from region to region, and the menu for Christmas dinner is no exception. While each region features their own classic dishes, a traditional Italian Christmas dinner always includes several courses. For Italians, this is an epic feast that lasts all day and into the evening. This holiday season, bring the flavors of Italy to your holiday dinner table with [...]

Plum Cherry Crostata

At first glance, the rustic crostata looks like a buttery and flaky biscuit, but in this recipe, it is so much more! Pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac uses this classic Italian pastry as a substantial base for hiding premium Luxardo cherries in between fruity layers of fresh plums and cherry jam. A quintessential made-in-Italy delight, these classic cherries are the main ingredients [...]
Charcuterie Board Platter Filled With Meats Cheeses and Olives

How To Build the Perfect Charcuterie Board

appetizersSarah Bichsel
Share this Image On Your Site<p><strong>Please include attribution to supermarketitaly.com with this graphic.</strong></p><p><a href='https://www.supermarketitaly.com/smitaly-blog/how-to-build-the-perfect-charcuterie-board/'><img src='https://cdn1.bigcommerce.com/server3200/02iihx4/product_images/uploaded_images/5956c7f4-b607-11e8-af20-56022aa3035c.jpg?t=1537220785' alt='How To Build the Perfect Charcuterie' 540px border='0' /></a></p><p> At your next dinner party, stimulate l’appetito with an Italian-inspired appetizer plate. 1. First, choose your meats: Include a variety of flavors and textures like spicy salami, paper-thin  Mortadella, and ultra gourmet Speck. For tasty bread or cracker toppings, [...]
9 Best Italian Coffee Drinks

9 Best Italian Coffee Drinks

caffeFrancesco Quattrone
For Italians, coffee is more than an a.m. eye-opener – it’s a way of life. Thanks to generations of coffee roasters with a passion for excellence, real Italian coffee adds a distinctively smooth and velvety flavor to a variety of specialty coffee drinks. Here are some of our favorite classic Italian coffee drinks that can easily be made at home [...]
cotechino and lentils Italian New Year's dish

What Is Cotechino?

cotechinoTaylor Markarian
It would be unfair to claim that this Italian delicacy’s popularity is a recent occurrence. Cotechino (Zampone) has been enjoyed by Italians, and other ethnic groups for that matter, for centuries. However, its history is just as intriguing. It all began in Gavello; a town in the Italian region of Veneto, about 37 miles southwest of Venice. In 1511, Gavello [...]