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What is the UEFA Euro 2020?

Run by the Union of European Football Associations, the Euro tournament is the second biggest soccer cup—or football, as they say—in the world. It comes just behind the World Cup, with 24 nations competing for the coveted championship title. Even though the current UEFA cup is taking place in 2021, it is still called the UEFA Euro 2020 since it was originally supposed to be held last year, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How is the Italy national football team doing so far?

The final match of the tournament will be played on July 11, 2021. So far, the Italy national football team has been setting the pitch ablaze. As of this article’s publication date, the UEFA Euro standings have Italy playing top-ranked Belgium in the quarterfinals. It is a highly anticipated match, especially considering the fact that an incredible Italy soccer record has just been broken: The Italian football team has won more than 30 games in a row, beating out their 1939 record.

What do Italians eat for game day food? 

Italian street food panino con salamella pork sausage sandwich with roasted peppers and onions

For us Americans, the biggest “football” match is the NFL’s yearly Super Bowl. The only thing that rivals the importance of the game itself is the game day food, which fans spend a lot of time (and money) preparing. In the US, game day food ranges from potato chips to hot dogs to chicken wings. But what do soccer fans eat in Europe?

One of the most popular game day foods in Italy is the panino con salamella. This is a traditional Italian sandwich made with grilled pork meat and paired with roasted peppers, onions and some kind of sauce, like dijon mustard or mayo.

What snacks do other countries eat during a football match?

The UEFA was so intrigued by this cultural question that they did their own research on it! According to their findings, sunflower seeds are neck and neck with sausages in terms of popularity. In the United Kingdom, meat pies are a time-honored tradition. No matter where you are, don’t forget the beer!

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Update: Italy wins the Euro 2020 Cup Final against England!

The Euro 2020 Cup Final began with a quick blow to the Italians when the English team scored within the first few minutes of the game. Not letting that dampen their spirits, Italy fought back valiantly and managed to tie. With the score 1-1, the teams went into overtime, where both were unable to convert to decide the outcome. England and Italy were neck-and-neck until the last possible moment, when Leonardo Bonucci shot the winning penalty kick past the English goaltender. Italy's Gianluigi Donnarumma saved the next shot by England, ending the match and earning them the cup.

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