Haku Smoked Shoyu, 12.7 oz (375ml)

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This Smoked Shoyu has a rich, bold flavor

Use this type of Japanese soy sauce as a finishing sauce.

This unique shoyu pairs well with chicken, pork, and vegetarian recipes.

Smoked Shoyu is made by experienced craftsmen who precisely follow a cold-smoking technique unique to the Haku family business, then aged for another six months to mellow. It's traditionally brewed using the mushiro's ancestral methods. Add this shoyu to a gift basket for anyone who appreciates the cuisine of Japan.

To flavor this traditional shoyu, they use Mizunara Hard Wood, which is a type of Japanese Oak with a lovely, vibrant smoke flavor. This type of soy sauce is typically used in moderation as a finishing shoyu.

You can also try a dash of this umami-rich sauce in a bowl of tonkotsu ramen or miso ramen. Use it as part of a marinade for chicken, beef, and other proteins. Give rice dishes a rich, smoky flavor. Or enjoy this high-quality shoyu on crispy roasted pork belly with green onions and mushrooms.


Water, Soybeans, Salt, Wheat Alcohol, Natural Wood Smoke


12.7 oz (375mL)


Product of Japan

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