Marconi Submarine Dressing, 8 oz

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This Submarine Dressing is a bright Italian condiment

This tangy and subtly sweet dressing is delicious with Italian cured meats and semi-soft cheeses.

Use this condiment as a salad dressing with seasonal vegetables, fresh greens, or al dente pasta.

Marconi Submarine Dressing is a zesty Italian-style dressing that's made for submarine sandwiches. This Italian dressing contains a robust blend of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, and aromatics. Drizzle this condiment over sandwiches with thinly sliced cheeses, crisp veggies, and dry-cured meats like salami and mortadella.

You can also use this condiment as an Italian salad dressing. Try it with seasonal vegetables and grated parmesan cheese. Or use it in a pasta salad recipe, finished with spicy red pepper flakes. Alternatively, make this dressing part of a charcuterie platter with a selection of cured meats and toasted bread.


Soybean oil, red wine vinegar, granulated sugar, extra virgin olive oil, salt, oregano, black pepper, dehydrated onion


8 oz (237mL)


Product of USA


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