Strega Limoncello Baba, 750g

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This Baba Cake is packed in Limoncello syrup

Pair this limoncello baba with coffee or tea for an indulgent treat.

This type of baba has a bright, citrusy flavor.

Strega Limoncello Baba is a traditional Italian cake packed in a sweet liqueur. The zesty, citrusy flavor of limoncello syrup complements the rich taste and texture of this baba cake.

Pair baba cake with coffee, tea, or even an aperitif. Enjoy it with a bowl of ice cream or gelato. Or try this cake as part of a dessert platter with dark chocolate truffles, fresh berries, and whipped cream.

Looking for a present for someone who enjoys Italian sweets? Add this limoncello baba to a Mediterranean gift basket for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations.


Limoncello liqueur (35%) (water, sugar, alcohol, flavorings, lemon infusion)

Sugar Water Babà (10%) ["0" mouse wheat flour, eggs, entirely vegetable margarine (vegetable oils and fats: palm and sunflower, water, acidity regulator: E330, Aromas), sugar, salt, natural yeast] Salt Acidity regulator: E330 Syrup volume 570ml alc. 13% vol.

Contains - Wheat / Wheat - Eggs

May contain Hazelnuts - Peanuts - Soybeans


750g (1.65 Lbs)


Product of Italy 

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