Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic Rainbow Jar, 17.6 oz

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This Ceramic Olive Oil Bottle has a vibrant rainbow design

Use this Italian EVOO to cook or flavor your favorite Mediterranean recipes.

Try this EVOO as a condiment on charcuterie platters with Italian cheeses and dry-cured meats.

Frantoio Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic Rainbow Jar contains high-quality olive oil that can be used in a variety of Mediterranean recipes. Use this Italian olive oil to both cook and flavor dishes. This decorative olive oil bottle also makes a wonderful addition to a gift basket for anyone who appreciates Italian cuisine.

Smooth and piquant, this EVOO pairs well with red or white wine vinegars in salad dressings. Try it in marinades for meat, seafood, or vegetables. Use it in your favorite pasta dishes. Enjoy it as a condiment on a charcuterie board with artisan crackers and a selection of dry-cured meats. Or drizzle it over bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and fresh herbs.

This EVOO is great for pan-frying and braising. Enjoy it in a piccata recipe with chicken, fish, or veal. Sauté mushrooms with garlic cloves and white wine for an aromatic side dish. And you can even use it to cook eggs and breakfast potatoes with a unique Italian flavor.

Olive oil also makes a great substitute for butter when baking. Make delicious bread with a slightly peppery bite. Or even bake cookies and brownies!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


17.6 oz


Product of Italy 

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