Agrumato Tangerine Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 6.76 oz

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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is flavored with tangerine

This EVOO is cold-pressed, giving it a robust olive flavor with notes of citrus.

Use this Italian olive oil to flavor a variety of seafood and vegetable recipes.

Agrumato Tangerine Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Italian olive oil infused with tangerine. Add this tangerine olive oil to a gift basket for anyone who appreciates unique Mediterranean cuisine.

Agrumato extra virgin olive oil is a unique and flavorful oil made by crushing whole olives and citrus fruits together at the time of pressing. The combination of the olives and fresh tangerine produces a distinct taste, with a strong olive flavor and a subtle hint of citrus.

This type of olive oil is cold-pressed, ensuring that the natural flavors and nutrients are preserved. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory effects.

This oil is perfect for dressings, marinades and as a finishing oil. It's also a great addition to seafood and vegetable dishes, as well as in baking. For an aromatic appetizer, try drizzling it over bruschetta with fresh herbs and sun-dried tomatoes.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tangerine




Product of Italy


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