Agustson Black Seaweed Vegetable Caviar, 10.58 oz (Refrigerate after opening)

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Product does not need to arrive cold. Refrigerate after opening. 

There are plant-based alternatives for almost everything these days. Now, vegetarians can enjoy the life of luxury with Agustson Black Seaweed Caviar! This vegan caviar is great to have when hosting an elegant cocktail party, especially when you don't know if everyone in the room is a carnivore. Use it the same way as regular caviar: on crostini with cheese, on sushi, and more. Agustson’s vegan seafood products are made with top notch raw ingredients that comply with the highest sustainability standards. Looking for more plant-based food ideas? Check out these 10 Vegan Italian Recipes You Have to Try.

seaweed extract (83%), water, salt, spices; extracts of cayenne, pepper, turmeric, laurel, leek, aroma; dill, tarragon, citric acid, tragacanth gum (as a stabilizer), potassium sorbate, natrium, benzoate (as a preservative), color; caramelized vegetables. 

10.58 oz (300 grams)


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